Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Op Shops Ahoy!

I can't wait until next Thursday.....

A girlfriend and I are going opshoping together sans all but one little kidlet - thank goodness for daycare and grandparents!

We are going to hit the shops of Rocky with a passion rarely seen in cow town before......

Look out Rock Vegas we are on a mission!

(and it will be a great day to just spend together, something we haven't done for years)


  1. Hi Pixie,
    I'm an opshop lover too. Whereabout r u cuz u don't seem to have profile page. Visit my site sometime I just started it. Hope we can show each other nice stuffs we find in op shop..

  2. I'm heading to the op shops tomorrow in the hope of finding some 80s bridesmaid dresses can you recommend any op shops in rocky