Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So these were my material finds yesterday. All of the real retro ones (that are only small pieces) are going into a quilt that I will make.... one day!
That last one, I was thinking about making a simple shift dress for little Buddha - maybe with a cute little pair of tights or leggings?
As for the rest...I have no ideas - yet!

Monday, June 22, 2009

If anyone out there finds this pattern, can they please let me know? I think its one that I want to collect....

It is Alfred Meakin "Hillingdon"

Thanks :)
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As promised...my little Buddha getting her groove on to Buddy Holly out in the carport!
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And now for my most exciting find for the day......

For the princely sum of $20 and gen -u -iron radiogram!

And it works!

Well, I get sound from the radio part....but its no surprise that I get no radio stations...they are shocking out here even with a U-beaut brand new radio....hopefully they will be better out at the farm.

And the record player works....and the sound is amazing!

Will post a picture of Buddha grooving away to Buddy Holly in a moment.
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Another great find...hopefully they will fit my friend.....Never been worn, not a mark on the soles!

At the same place I picked up a few more sewing patterns and a handful of zips and a couple of pieces of material. (will post pictures of the material after I finish washing it)
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Todays finds!

What started as a dull day turned into an excellent one when I had a ripper couple of finds at my local op shops! This coat is not for me however, its too small...but I think it maybe a perfect fit for a dear friend of mine that I only discovered last week is into retro styles as much as I am!

It was made in Melbourne (ah, for the days that clothes were actually made in Australia!) and is 60% wool and the other 40% is a blend of a few other things (of which I can't recall right now!) and looks in really good condition!

More to come....
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