Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A dress that I made (1940s style) from material I op shopped.
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Just a quick drop off, A skirt I made out of an old pair of jeans....
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Going back home - A challenge!

I'll be heading back down south at the end of the week to see my family and so they can see the kids.

My personal challenge is to take only clothes with me that I have recycled...either from online or from op shops and wear only them (except for underwear of course!)

So lets see how I go!

My vow for the year....

I joined a challenge with another voguette recently - to not buy anything other than underwear new for the whole year.... which I am going to try to do, not just with myself, but the kids as well.

Lets see how we go.....

Its in the Genes

My love of Op Shopping developed from a very young age...I remember my mother taking me into op shops around home while we waited for dad (mum doesn't drive) to have a look around and to buy whatever took our fancy.

It all started from there really.....

And now I take my kids to op shops whenever I get a chance...they often pick up weird and wonderful toys (which they seem to love more than the expensive ones relatives buy for them!) while I get clothes for all of us; so we can be fashionable for a fraction of what it would cost normally! Lol...I often justify it by saying that the kids grow so fast and why waste lots of money on new clothes for all the playing they do?

And I love wearing things a little different to everyone else......

Anyway, this blog is to showcase my marevellous finds while out doing what I love - Op Shopping!!!!!